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Bags 2 School: Collection May 22 - 24
Published on May 18, 2018 13:25

Dear Saint Mary families:

Saint Mary School will once again be collecting textiles for the Bag2School organization. The goal is to redirect gently used items so they do not end up in our landfill. Clean items such as sheets, blankets, shoes, belts, clothing, stuffed animals, curtains, and purses can be collected and brought to school in a sturdy garbage bag. This upcoming week bags will be weighed, sorted and organized. Then, items will then be sent off to places where they are needed. We receive money based on the total weight of the bags that are collected. Please help us out again this year by collecting a bag or two (or more) of items. Bags can start arriving at school
Tuesday May 22, 2018 until Thursday May 24, 2018. Special thanks to Mrs. Shisko for spearheading this initiative.

Enjoy this beautiful long weekend in Muskoka with your family and friends.
Mrs. Heeneman